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CLN Services - Best Buy Solutions is a Vancouver BC based small virtual business providing a variety of web solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals including self-serve and managed hosting, domain names registration and design products.


CLN Services believes that in today's fast moving market every business, organization, weather operating from home, or store front location, no matter their size or revenue, needs a web presence to increase their chances of greater success.


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What We Do Best is Provide Solutions


Find the Right Solution with our Best Buy Product Line

Web Products Store


Business Directory

Best Buy Products Solutions


Self-Serve Domain names, Hosting, Email, Wordpress and Website builder Packages.
SSL Certificates, Dedicate IPs, and much more available for purchase.


Cloud, VPS, Dedicated

A friendly informative business, classified ads, job boards and events directory for the downtown Eastside of Vancouver including Chinatown and Gastown.



Best Buy Domains

One Price Web Site Solutions


Everything you need for one price $139.00 including doman name, design, hosting, mainteance and host of other features to bring your brick & mortor and virtual  business dreams to life on the web.



SSD Hosting

Best Buy Hosting Solutions


Offering Fast Reliable Secure High Speed SSD Web Hosting (read more) at Economical Prices.  Loaded with great features including Site Builder,  Script Installer and more.



Best Buy Servers Solutions


Advance Hosting Services including Cloud Hosting, VPS, Dedicated and Semi-Dedicated Servers for the advance Webmaster or High Traffic Sites - Just loaded with free useful features.


Best Buy Domain Solutions

Find the perfect doman name for your business, event, or personal use today.   Our Budget friendly Canadian Pricing makes it easy to know how much it is going to cost right away in CDN Dollars.

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We believe that today every business, organization, operating from home, or store front location, needs a web presence to increase their chances of greater success.


We are always open too new challenges and ideas. Let’s chat about the possibilities.


Give us a call at 778-628-4903 to discuss your situation and see what we can do for your project.





From landing pages, biz cards to multi-page web sites or E-commerce to blogs. We create personal and corporate websites and are experienced in many design situations.


Whatever your needs, whether you want to promote your brand, announce a special event, or draw some Web traffic, you need look no further.



We know every client is completely unique with unique needs and purposes.


We treat them as such, and they love us for it. We’re sure you’ll agree that we’re the right web organization for your needs.





Some people will say that you can’t have it fast, cheap, and good (you can only pick two). CLN Services believes that’s not good enough. So, we like to be the exception and you get all three with us.


That means rapid turn-around times, affordable rates, and quality designs and work at it until it is exactly what you want.


Chances are, we’ll not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.




You’re in Luck: We’re Small.  When you pay a big company, you’re paying for expensive advertising, salaries, commissions, etc.


When you hire us, you save 30-50% of those costs. We’re paid per project, so there are no salaries or commissions, and advertising?


We do our own, which must be pretty good, since you found us.

Mission Statement

CLN Services - Best Buy Solutions knows the Internet continues to grow everyday as an important place to market your business.  With that in mind we have three main goals.

1.  To Reach Out to the smaller brick and mortar or virtual home and service businesses to help them create a web presence.

2.  To create an economical opportunity for a
web presence without breaking the bank knowing that the 'best' and 'most expensive' does not have to be synonymous.

3.  To provide our customers with a professional web presence uniquely designed to reflect their own distinct personality.


Telephone or text 778-628-4903




210-128 West Hastings St.

Vancouver, British Columbia.  V6B 1G8

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